Friday, 19 August 2011

Ramadhan Kareem

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
sponge cake with chocolate ganache

Ramadhan Kareem, isn't it very late. It is 19th Ramadhan and I didn't post anything. I always have the intention of posting once a week, but never seem able to achieve this :(.

done by my sisters-in-law

Before the start of Ramadhan I did with the great help of my sisters in-law (much appreciated help) a small party to introduce ramadhan to my children. They did a funny puppet show as well :), we ended it with dinner and the cake above. I hope that the idea of how special and important this month is will remain forever in my children's hearts.

It is almost over. I have the sad feeling that you get when you get separated from someone close, and you don't know if you will ever get to see them again.

a crucial side note: remember our brothers and sisters in Somalia. while we have an end of our fasting, they don't. to donate, here are some great and trusted organisations:


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Yummy sis, I really want to eat some cake right now.

I am glad your Ramadan is going well MoOn.

Please post more. I am looking forward to it.

MoOn said...

Dear Salma, thank you for your sweet comment, inshallah I will post more, that is my intention :)

if you were my neighbour, I'd send you some of the cake :D..I can only provide you with a recipe now which is in my other blog :D

aynzan said...

Ramadaan Kareem to you too..That was an ideal way to introduce the concept of Ramadaan to your children.Children grasp and learn fast through activity.Well done !
yummy..I dont mind a piece of that cake for iftar!!! :)

Umihoney said...

The cake look so delicious
Have a blessed Ramadhan
Thank you for sharing


MoOn said...
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MoOn said...

Thank you dear Aynzan,,you are all welcome to my place and will serve you the cake for sure :)

MoOn said...

thank you sis, wish you a blessed ramadhan as well :)

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Thanks, I will copy the recipe.
May Allah bless your table.

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Oh I love the cute cake and banner sooooo much, thank you for posting:)

Early eid mubarak to you and your family.

MoOn said...

Thank you OPNO,
Happy and blessed eid for you too x