Monday, 29 November 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم..

The idea of this post is taken from this lovely blog. Talking about your dream career, what you love to do, would like to do but probably didn't have the chance to do. Or what are your future plans/goals.

I am a dreamer, I set lots of goals and work towards achieving them, and being a real "dreamer" can make me set too much goals, (some can be unrealistic) lol...but I allow my self to dream, this is what makes life beautiful...doesn't it..:)

  • Run a charitable organisation, that works towards providing jobs in Oman (my home country) for the needy. Jobs in shops and places run by the charity itself. So people can work and provide for themselves.
  • Start an orphanage with high service, excellent trained staff that will treat the orphans fairly and increase awareness of such problem.
  • Own a coffee shop..I would LOVE this...a coffee shop that serves also authentic drinks/sweets, as well as being child friendly.
  • Own a magazine,,, I know I am over-dreaming in all this. But I'd love to have an Islamic/modern magazine, which knows exactly how to reach the heart of the youth and (modern fashion) and still be very Islamic.
  • Have my own clinic, a speech and language therapy clinic for educating parents on child intervention and improving communication.
  • Write a book, can be a novel, or on my specialty, or on different things.
  • Have a gift shop, but this is a not a high priority:)
  • Sponsor children from poor countries so they can complete their education
  • Own a franchising restaurant, which is too expensive as I've seen :(
  • Help my father publish a book on the wild-life in Oman, or do further documentaries on the wild-life for the known international magazines or channels.
  • Be a professional photographer (and specially food photographer lol)
  • Raise my children to be confident, clever, ambitious and contribute something to this world.
  • Decorate a house that will be ours one day (inshallah ) all by myself (I know I am selfish but it has been what I want since I was a child lol).
  • Be a writer in a known magazine or newspaper..

I've more...but these are what I remember at this moment..tell us about your dreams..

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Updates: Beautiful Turkey

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم..
Gami Sultan Ahmet (picture is mine)
I am back Alhamdulilah...I have been busy with so many things..Yes my holiday with my sweet Hubby was to Turkey mashallah,,, 

Where East meets West I can say...Where you have a European Beautiful Nature with an Islamic culture...where you can fall in love with every scene, food, bazaar, masjid and building....

I loved it, loved the cool autumn weather, the pine forests, colourful falling leaves, the Bosphorus,  the markets that sell everything "Made in Turkey", herbs, spices, towels, jackets, household products....I loved the Masjids, reflects the once capital of the great Ottoman empire (Constantinople)..You see their menaras that reach for the sky ... I enjoyed visiting the Topkapi Palace, I learnt a lot from that one visit.

We visited Istanbul, Bursa and bolu (but didn't stay in Bolu exactly, we stayed by lake Abant in Abant).I enjoyed Turkish food, so delicious and healthy (except for the sweets lol)... I will be writing more about it in my foodblog inshallah..

I even thought it was so fascinating that rarely you find someone who speaks English..Hollywood movies in Cinemas are translated into Turkish (yes they speak Turkish). We bought sim cards and the msgs received into the cards are only in Turkish, so you don't know what they are telling you lol.....:O

We had to download Turkish dictionaries into our phones and take it out every time we speak to the hotel receptionist, shopkeeper or anyone :O..I even made up my mind to learn Turkish as it has many words similar to Arabic ones as well as it is a neighbouring country to the middle East so we've to learn it :)..

We went back to Oman for Eid holidays and then now am back with my children to Bahrain...and we're back to our routine..:)

Posphorus (picture is mine)..

I might write more about Turkey in another post......I've so much to tell ..

Monday, 1 November 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I haven't got much to talk about, so much things have been going on that kept me busy and I'll be busier in the next couple of weeks inshallah..

I have to do some baking, cleaning, ironing, and packing, yes inshallah I am going to take my kids to Oman, and then come back to Bahrain, and go away to a beautiful country with my hubby inshallah..emm I'll tell you all about it, just when I am back inshallah ;)..

I am relieved I submitted my assignment this week, It was one of those hard work that you aren't sure what they want from you, I passed my last exam and assignment al hamdulilah which was kind of a tough module. I've an exam coming up on the beginning of December, so I'd relax a bit and will resume studying after eidul adhha (celebration-holidays) inshallah ..For now, I can enjoy some free reading, reading things I love and enjoy..and do mooore baking which is like reading relaxes you...:)..but I admit reading is my highest priority..

I am glad the weather is changing now, it is cooler and you get this beautiful breeze when you are outside at evening..

Wish you all a lovely day/night..