Monday, 1 November 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I haven't got much to talk about, so much things have been going on that kept me busy and I'll be busier in the next couple of weeks inshallah..

I have to do some baking, cleaning, ironing, and packing, yes inshallah I am going to take my kids to Oman, and then come back to Bahrain, and go away to a beautiful country with my hubby inshallah..emm I'll tell you all about it, just when I am back inshallah ;)..

I am relieved I submitted my assignment this week, It was one of those hard work that you aren't sure what they want from you, I passed my last exam and assignment al hamdulilah which was kind of a tough module. I've an exam coming up on the beginning of December, so I'd relax a bit and will resume studying after eidul adhha (celebration-holidays) inshallah ..For now, I can enjoy some free reading, reading things I love and enjoy..and do mooore baking which is like reading relaxes you...:)..but I admit reading is my highest priority..

I am glad the weather is changing now, it is cooler and you get this beautiful breeze when you are outside at evening..

Wish you all a lovely day/night..


UmmKhaled said...

Ohhh InshaAllah you have a wonderful time with your hubby! I wish I could go somewhere romantic... :)

MoOn said...

I know I've always wanted so..:)..
thank you dear Umm Khaled