Friday, 16 December 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
My post today is about the things I 'in my personal culture/opinion' believe are part of women's beauty. I love these things and use them/ or do them frequently and some on daily basis. This is of course within my Islamic beliefs meaning I do them at home or within the sharia law.
  • Dihn oud, I am addicted to it, it is best applied in very small amount in pulse areas and hair specially when it is wet. It is quite expensive but used in very tiny amount. Every Khaleeji house (gulf) must have it.
  • Kohl, and I mean the pure Kohl made at home by ladies. In, Oman they make the natural very black kohl using olive oil and frankincense. It is also used in infants as a remedy for eye problems and to keep the evil/bad eye.
  • Henna, it is attractive, beautiful and smells wonderful (in my opinion) 
  • Bukhur/oud, which we use to scent the house, our clothes and our bodies. It smells better when accompanies dihn al oud and when you moisture your body with an Arabic fragrant cream. advice, try to hold your hair (wet) above the bukhur, you'll thank me :)

  • Anklet, a beauty that I adore
  • Amouage creams (Omani yepii), I don't mind other types but these are great. The smell is amazing
There are other things but I cant put them here in Public. However, these are the most important things for me :)


bosnishmuslima said...

All your things are absolutely beautifull and my taste as well :)

MoOn said...

Dear Bosnish Muslima,
Thanks for your sweet comment, I guess we are alike in our choice :)
Luv xx

Anonymous said...

I did know most of them but never used any.....but now that you talk about them I might try some. Thank you MoOn. The anklet is very nice. Stay well.

MoOn said...

Marie, try them and sure you'll find them different but good,
Thanks for passing by :) xx

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh, thanks so much for this list. I guess between hubby and I we have pretty strong cultural backgrounds so we mix and match, lol.

I got a beautiful anklet as a part of my mahr BUT I let Amira "play" with it...stupid, I know. Now I don't evem know where it is.

Salam alaikum & thax for sharing.

Karima said...

Some lovely things there, I actually didn't know that Kohl was made that way! Karima

x@hu said...

Assalaam Alaikum sister :)

My first time on your blog and I land smack on my favorite things! The Kohl, the Henna and the Anklet have my never-ending obsession! :P

I don't think I've ever come across "Oud" though. Is it like a perfume or oil? We get "Attar" here, which comes in tiny bottles. The smell is quite strong, so I'm not much of a fan.