Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kabsa,food from the Gulf

Here I start..An English blog this time..Don’t know exactly what triggered it..But it seemed a right thing to do…
I will start with a dish..Well cuisine is an international language..We can all agree on this delicious topic, can’t we?
I am not a good cook, I have never been..I just like sharing!..

I made machboos/makboos yesterday (kabsa in other dialects), it is a popular rice dish made in the Gulf region..Everyone will add some of their own flavour to it..but this is the way I make it..oh but excuse my bad photos..I made this dish while my brother was visiting, and was too shy to get a proper camera to the kitchen, so just used my mobile phone. I couldn’t take a picture after serving because he, along, with my hubby, were there with me..


Ingredients (I rarely use specific amounts for anything, but hope this will be clear):

A packet of frozen chicken thighs, or drumsticks, or a whole chicken as you like :D

Garlic, mashed (5-8 cloves)

Pinch of salt


And these ingredients will be used to marinate the chicken, and then fry it!

Next will be peeling your potatoes and cutting them into circles and deep fry them..Keep them aside

Now :

Get two medium-sized onions, cut them into small pieces, fry them in little oil (about 2-3 tbs) till golden, add fresh mashed ginger, can use the powder if u want .add about 2 tbs tomato puree and then 2-3 medium peeled and cubed tomatoes to the onion and ginger..Fry for few minutes..

Then add cinnamon powder (about 1 tsp), or sticks or both, with a tiny bit of turmeric powder, then add parsley leaves, salt and lemon for your preferred flavour

Cover it in low heat.

And boil your rice water, add pinch of salt to it…when it boils add your (basmati ) rice and leave it till it cooks, then drain it..

Now, add your fried chicken and potatoes to the sauce you have made, let it cook for two minutes.

Now add the rice on top of the sauce, cover it the way it is for about 10 min in a very low heat…

Then when serving it, mix it carefully. Serve with salad…

Bon appetite


Texan in UAE said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is what made me gain!!! when moving here. LOOOOOL Aside from my mother in law's famous, bryani!!! ahhhh. This looks, simply delicious!!!! I'll try this recipe! soonish! insha'a'Allah.

MoOn SmiLe said...

I know it is heavy but cant resist it wallah :)..inshallah u'll like it. I love biryani as the smell of saffron in it..