Sunday, 25 April 2010

Call it easy!

Today I woke up feeling really tired, as I slept today before dawn (al Fajr) after praying. I promised myself to finish off my assignment and thank to Allah I did.

So as I was feeling tired I thought of making a simple easy lunch. Now am stressing again that I am not good in cooking but I would like to help busy people like me with some simple ideas…

I first marinated the chicken (with mashed garlic, salt, pepper, mashed ginger (as you like), add chilly if you want, I don’t use it a lot because of my little kids)

Then I fried the chicken.

And I made a really easy potato dish which I found receipe in my favourite cook book, published by my favourite channel fatafeat ( I love it and I love my book.

I changed the potato dish a bit to match the family's taste! So;

You cut the potatoes into squares, marinate them with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. Then bake it in your oven.

And I prepared white rice, and within our family, white rice comes always with yoghurt.
That’s it. Simple, easy and kids love it! Enjoy.

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