Saturday, 1 May 2010

Paper Craft

I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately. This is because I have had so many hobbies which I loved and was good at but never improved them. Some started when I was really young, at school like drawing. I was a good one in this according to people who saw my drawings, especially my art teachers. However, for some reason I seem to have been easily affected by outside inhibitors, who would say I am clever in school studies and should only focus on that. At that time I thought it was the right decision, but I know now that it never was.

Hobbies are what keep us sane. They drift us away from the daily busy routine, they are passion for a thing you are good at.

Anyway, I have done this lately and thought I would share it with you. I got the idea of the flowers a very long time ago. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it. The photos are clear and shows what you need and the steps:

my final work..


Texan in UAE said...

salamalikom thanks sweetie! for following me. :) makes me happy that maybe you would enjoy reading about my life, here in uae. :) :) I will follow you and get to know you... Have a wonderful evening. (((Hugs))))

MoOn SmiLe said...

wa'alaykum asalaam Texan, Thanks dear for adding me as well..actually i thoroughly enjoyed reading some of ur posts in ur blog.wish u a lovely evening as well <3 :)

Xenia said...

MashaAllah the flowers are very pretty :)

MoOn SmiLe said...

Thank you Habibti Xenia, They're also very easy to make :)

khadijah said...

as salaamu alkium sister vey nice blog !!!!! ps i really like this craft. i will def try it sounds fun!!!!

Sarira said...

Asalamu aliakuam sis <3

Jazaki Allah for visiting me in my blog :D Very sweet of you, <3

You know? I've got some friends from Oman and they tell me that it's a beautiful country. My aunt also visited it and said that it was really nice, mashaAllah.

Anyways, this post was really bittersweet to me. I wish that you had been able to keep nurturing your hobby- it sounds to me that it was more than a hobby. Sounds like you were a growing talented artist.

But, I think you can STILl do it. I do! Don't give up yet, cause then in another 15 years, inshaAllah, you're gonna be like "man, I could have done it :("

Also, I like what you came up with! It's pwetty!

MoOn SmiLe said...

Khadija u r very welcome to this blog, inshallah u'll enjoy it :)..happy that u passed by
and try the craft,it is fun:)

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sarira,,walaykum asalaam sweety,ur blog is creative and lovely, i am enjoying it :)..

Oman is beautiful as u said, & omanis are really friendly,u should visit one day, sure u'll love it :)..
Am living in Bahrain at the moment,so miss it really..:)
Sarira, u made me feel really happy, thanks for the encouragement, that makes me keen to give more time and energy for what I love..
Thanks wjazaki Allah aljana :)..<3

MoOn SmiLe said...

am lost in this technology, how can i edit my layout (heading, followers etc) while still keeping my new background,,can i??:S

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