Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I enjoy taking my kids to the Shaikh Issa National Library in Bahrain al hamdulilah. It has a beautiful children’s section and my kids adore it. I think libraries are crucial part of children’s life & they should be introduced to reading and learning through play at young age. I am sorry to say that libraries are the missing part in Oman. Inshallah soon we will have at least one, I hope.

I could not get a proper photo of the library. However, it is part of the Al-Fatih Mosque, which is so beautiful, I got this picture of the mosque.

It is named after the Islamic character Muhammad Al-Fatih son of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II. He conquered Constantinople, Istanbul now. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned this long before “"You will conquer Constantinople. Its commander is the best and its army (that will conquer it) is the best." And of course, Al Fatih is the name of the known mosque in Istanbul.

I got loads of books on introduction to Islam in different languages. I got them because I want to contribute on conveying Islam to non-Muslims I meet every day. I just feel I lack courage although I am really keen to do so. Anyone with an advice on this?

Now, this is a simple home project I did with the great help of my little boy mashallah,out of formulae cans :D.. I love doing these kind of work with my little boy, he enjoys it, gives him confidence and we get to bond more & more :)…try it with your kids:)


Sarira said...

Asalmu aliakum, sis!

MashaAllah, I love that you take your kids to the library. When I was living in Sharjah, UAE, I used to live right next to the Public Library. It was hugeeeeee and unfortunately 'empty of people'. In fact, at one point, I used to go every day- the guard actually asked me "Do you work here?" He was that surprised that somebody was visiting it a lot. Sad. SubhanAllah, we are supposed to be Ummat Iqra but I heard that Arabs read like the least :(

Anyways, I think it's GREAT that you got books to introduce Islam to others. One way of doing it is through your blog if you are shy to go up to people and talk to them. I was actually planning to talk about something like this,inshaAllah on my blog (but I always get side tracked, lol). Also, say that your kids are in a school and they have like a Western English teacher, be very courteous and friendly -- that may get them interested :D

MashaAllah at the nice little project you did with your son :)

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sarira, you are so right it is so sad, it is unusual to find ppl who read.I was thought of accentric cos Loved reading a lot at young age, & decided not to talk about reading anymore LOL..
The library I go to is almost empty always.Otherwise, pple wud come to use the computers only, none to read.Allah yestur.

Thanks for the advice, my eldest will start school next yr :D,they're very young still :D.I will be waiting for your topic related to this inshallah..
Thanks for ur lovely words,May Allah bless you.

Mina said...

Mashallah you got a chance to take the lil one with you...personally i love reading so Inshallah i plan on taking my kids with me if Allah blesses me with them one day, Im so glad sisters like you are doing there part on educating the non - Muslims about Islam...may Allah reward you for it sis, ameen.

btw those formula storage cans are so cute!

MoOn SmiLe said...

Mina,thanks a lot for reading my post:).
inshallah soon you'll have kids of your own and get to take them everywhere u'd love to..:)

ur comment is so sweet..thanks:)

Texan in UAE said...

Nice! I haven't been to a library here in UAE. I should. My daughter just loves to read. Yes, what mina said. It's nice to see mama's educating their kids about Islam. I make this a part of my everyday ritual. (((hugs))) oh, I love your background change to your blog. Nice. masha'a'Allah.

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