Monday, 10 May 2010

Hugs of Energy

Is it only me, or it is everyone.I really believe that hugging my loved ones gives me energy to move on..specially hugging and cuddling the little ones.
We think we hug kids because they need it, but actually It does us wonders as well..We need it....I am in Love with hugs..:)


Sarira said...

awwwwwww, ma'shaAllah. I love how you said "we need it".

I was never a huggy person but when my sister had a baby girl (my niece), I turned into a huggy person. I loved to give her hugs :D

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sarira, I remember I wasn't either, We are raised to not express our feelings so much,but I changed when I had the little ones,,and well when I got married..the kids love it..and I think to myself,when kids are teenagers,specially boys,they dont like I should take my chance now b4 its too late LOOL...:)
May Allah bless ur niece

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