Sunday, 8 May 2011

Keep it up

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Being effective in managing your time is sweet,, isn't it? However it can be totally stressful. As I have moved back to my home country Oman over a month ago, I went back to my work, continued my MBA studies, engaged in getting my son ready for school, making breakfast, making lunch boxes, sending my girl to my mother's house, working, coming back, cleaning, washing clothes, cooking dinner, trying to find a time to study, getting kids to bed and collapsing on my bed..

I try to take my kids to the beach few times a week, visit relatives, have dinner at my in-laws place once a week, taking mom to places she requests sometimes, spending some "quality times" with my kids, trying to bake things I enjoy, go for aerobics three times a week..oh and am I coping..yes, almost..:)..I am actually content that I can achieve so many things a day, not everything I am aiming for, but I am almost there..Keep optimistic..


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a great job so far! Keep up the good work!

~Rushes~ said...

That's what being a woman is all about :) everything we do is a labor of love.

Salma's Visual Notes said...

Well well, I was missing you, then I started having anxiety about going back to work and came over here and read this post, lol.

It doesn't get easier does it? You are doing a million things and there's another million to do.I had to read over your post 3 are one busy woman.

Whatever you do, don't take on the Superwoman status that hubbys love to give. That's just a way for them to take less responsibility.

Okay, maybe that's my hubby.

Salam alaikum

MoOn said...

I hope I am, we all hope for that don't we :)..thanks xx

MoOn said...

Rushes..exactly I couldn't agree more :)..thanks

MoOn said...

Salma,,thanks sis..oh and I have that problem..take it all on my head so everything can be on the right place..I try every now and then to sit back..but I go to my old self..aaah..thanks for reminding me..
oh and I am in love with your other is amazing..just didn't get the time to read it more ..thanks a million for all that hard work..u r amazing mashallah xx