Sunday, 4 September 2011

I want to go to Janna

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
My father-in-law's eyes were filled with tears I was told. My son who is going to be five years old in two months inshallah was with his Auntie (father's youngest sister), he wanted to see old photographs of our grandparents. He asked her; where is 'my mom's grandmother'?, 
my sister-in-law: she is dead..
My son: is she in janna (heaven)?
Sister-in-law: yes she is
My son: I love Allah, I want to go to janna, are there beautiful things in there?apples, toys etc etc.. 
and so was the conversation.
When my father in law knew the story, he was touched and said that inshallah he'll remain like this as this is planted in him at young age..
I was touched, being me worrying a lot and thinking that what I am teaching my kids is not enough and their deep believe and knowledge of Allah is not there yet..I was touched and knew that what you teach at this young age remain deep within your children's faith..
small things lift your spirit.. make you believe that you are affecting people's life around you in a positive way.
Al hamdulilah..


aynzan said...

Allah bless him! So touching..

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely story and yes I think what you teach your children, and the example you give them very young will stay in their hearts for all their lives. You are doing a great job as a mother.
Have a bright Sunday!

MoOn said...

thank you ladies so much,may your day be blessed and full of achievements xx

Nishana said...

May Allah bless him! Great way to teach our children, right? In fact we need to plant the seeds of good deeds and love for jennah while they are too small.

Jazakallahu Kairan for an inspiring post!