Thursday, 13 October 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This month has been overwhelming for myself and the whole family by different incidents, but the one that affected us all and still does is the sudden death of my uncle (My mother's brother). He died less than a month ago, and our life didn't return to normal yet. He was in the masjid, reading Quran and he died at that moment.

This left the family devastated although very patient as well. He was a second father to all of us.

It made me think a lot about death and how short this life can be. It made me realise you should not think that everything will remain the same for us. We'll leave, others will come, nations will change and so on.

My Uncle had Hypertension, my mother might be suffering from it as well. I've been having some medical checkups to investigate why I feel fatigue and muscle ache most of the last two years. I finally decided to investigate on this :). The doctor told me I've iron deficiency anemia, waiting for the other results, inshalla all good.
I am sorry I feel my post is depressing, I needed to write down something...

love, moon


Little Auntie said...

Dearest Moon,
There is no reason to apologize for your post. The death of anyone can be quite a shock. But, the death you described, is inshaAllah a good sign. To die in the masjid, reciting the words of Allah....what an honor.

May Allah cleanse him from his sins, make his grave a garden of paradise and grant him jannatul firdaous.

May He reunite you in jannah with the prophets are your companions, beneath Allah's Throne.

Did the doctor prescribe you any medication for your anemia?

Anonymous said...

Assalaam Alaikum dear MoOn!

No need to apologize. It's fully understandable that you're going through some hard times <3 Subhan'Allah I think your uncle passed away in a beautiful place! I pray that Allah (swt) makes his grave wide and grants him Jannah! You and your family are in my duaas too <3 insha'Allah all will be well with you. Allahu alim <3 Take care <3

MoOn said...

Little Auntie,
Thank you very much for your words, they did make a difference to the way I felt when I wrote this post.
Allahuma Amin on your dua, amin

yeah am on medication for a month to see if anything will change and then I still have other tests to do..

thanks for asking dear, I feel like an old lady hehehe

MoOn said...

Rose water,
I so much appreciate your sweet comment, amin on your dua amin...
thanks dear sis so much x

Anonymous said...

Sister, I hope you're doing OK sweet sis <3 You're in my duaas! <3

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

SubhanAllah, he passed away in the masjid. May Allah grant him peace.

InshaAllah things have started to return to normal?

I love you for the sake of Allah sis, and I am sorry that I don't stop by more often.

MoOn said...

rose water,
thank you very much dear sis..your words are so comforting :)xx

Salma,,I love you in the sake of Allah as if I know you personally subhana Allah..
thinks are better alhamdulilah..
i apologise for not being that active either here xx