Monday, 20 September 2010

I am Back..

Asalam Alaykum my sisters and hello to all readers :)

I am back after disappearing for a while. I had a hectic month. I had two of my sisters in law at my place from the beginning of August till the first week of Ramadhan, then we all went to Oman to spend the rest of Ramadhan there and Eid.

I had to work on an assignment and an exam, then it was my brother's wedding preparations plus Eid. I think I lost some inches and I look too thin now..:)..although it doesn't bother me that much..

I also had a very bad eczema on my right hand that I couldn't do anything about it, It doesn't seem to be triggered by what I was told in hospital, it just appears for no obvious reason.

My latest news is that my boy started school, my eldest is in KG1 now, today is his second day. I miss him so much.

When I took him to the school yesterday (1st day), he was happy about it, then he started looking worried when he saw other kids crying.

When I went to pick him up, the class teacher told me he was sad all day :(, he was so happy to see me. He can be shy and not very social and this is worrying me.

Today morning he asked me at the school to take him back, and hugged me. He broke my heart. I worry a lot but hope inshallah he'll start enjoying it..inshallah

I left my little girl in Oman and my brother will bring her to Bahrain in a couple of days inshallah..I miss her so much.

I am working on arranging my priorities at the moment, so I don't waste my time. I wasn't happy with my achievements last month, so I'll work on improving myself this month inshallah.

Have a lovely week everyone <3

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