Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What do you think of us?

Asalaam alaykum muslimat and hello to all readers:)

I know that some might think that Middle Eastern women are rotten spoiled, harsh, too proud of themselves and lazy.I am aware that some who have been to the Middle East think of us this way because of a certain percentage who are unfortunately!. Moreover, some women going abroad haven't been a really good example either.

In the Middle East, and specifically in the Gulf, SOME People have been fooled with the sudden wealth that oil has brought us in the last three or four decades. They handled this wealth in a bad manner, moving towards a lifestyle that is strange to us. They gave others a bad picture of the rest of the Arabs.

Many social problems have raised from the changing habits
and lifestyle. Nowadays most women work side by side with men. They are educated and would like to contribute in working and supporting their families. However, We are behind other countries in child care services. They don't exist in some areas at all, and if they exist they are too expensive or lack the proper staff training and service. Moreover, in different working sectors there are no flexible rules and regularities to help mothers to be or mothers with infants.

Therefore, many families have taken the easy available solution, bring a lady from the Indian-subcontinent or the Philippine, or Indonesia and she'll help with the cleaning, cooking, and baby-sitting.

Now, roles have been exchanged. Some women have relied 100% on these ladies to do each bit of their previous roles, even raising the kids!. They've focused on their individual needs and neglecting kids and their houses and even their husbands!!..

Children are raised with no clear identity, broken Arabic or English, lack of religious knowledge and lack of parental affection?This can be a big problem for some of the coming generations.

The bright side is that many women now, and men alike are so conscious about what should they choose from this modern lifestyle and what should they leave. They have taken what is best from others and adapted it within our conservative culture and religion.

I am around very conscious people who have kept boundaries and still mingled well with the changes- and they are still Arabs.

I am a busy mother, I do all my cleaning and cooking. I drop my kid to school and pick him, I teach him Quran and help both my kids learn that they are no better than any other human being but they are unique and they can make a difference to this world.

I admit that in our society we do need help (like the idea of the house
keeper). We receive guests every day and we are a very hospitable culture. We cook for 20s and 30s and have to keep ourselves sweet and beautiful. Our houses should be spacious and with two separate sitting rooms for men and women guests. This can be a lot of work for a wife and with the help of her husband only.

I do spoil myself sometimes though LOL, like any other woman in this world..


Falaxy said...

mashaAllah it is great to know that there are arab women like you who realize that it is the mother's job to raise the children and only she can do it best and most sincerely, u never know how a maid will treat your children behind your back : ( it is sad to see mothers who leave their children in the care of maids 100%, its nice to have help, but a child needs their mother more than anything!

MoOn said...

It is very sad as you said, and the kids will be victims in any case.I can't even think of someone else raising my own kids.
Thanks so much for passing by and for your sweet comment :)

~Rushes~~ said...

I totally agree with you. Raising the kids is a mothers job not a housemaids. I see the same pattern here in my country. People rely so much on hired help its riddiculous, most women can't even go out without their maids. Not even for a trip to the paediatrician. Sometimes it makes you wonder who actually is the woman of the house.

A woman has the strength to do all this and more herself. A little help is always appreciated. But a little help only...not a replacement. I'm sure many women will disagree with this.

MoOn said...

I was thinking yesterday when I was out with my kids of all those mothers+housemaids and kids out together, and not like those mothers had 5+ kids, they were 2-3-4 kids and some are grown ups and can take care of themselves so why bother taking a housemaid everywhere I go..!!
Sure you are right some women will disagree with you..but than that is the truth said..
Thanks a lot for your lovely comment..:)

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