Monday, 4 October 2010

Is it only me?

Do you feel sometimes you can do more than what you are doing, but something is keeping you away from doing so?

Do you stay up at night thinking about so many things, about your life, about how things can be or have been, about what you can do better..etc?

Do you plan on so many things, but just few of your goals are achieved..?

Do you always think of making a better YOU, a better surrounding, a better WORLD?

or is it only me??


Elisa said...

It's NOT only you. I feel as though you have written this from my mind! I am exactly the same way. . .and sometimes it's exhausting thinking this way as much as I do. I completely understand what you're saying here. . .

MoOn said...

Elisa, you are right, it is exhausting specially when you can't stop it a single day..
I wish It can stop, but I am sure it will only when I am 100% satisfied with myself, which is difficult to happen..
Glad there is someone like me..and thanks a lot for your comment :)