Saturday, 16 October 2010

Why do we read?

بسم الله الرحمــن الرحيم

Why do we enjoy reading what others write?
Why do we prefer some writing styles over others?
Why does our reading preferences defer depending on our moods/ what we are passing through/ our life stage?

I personally feel that we read because we can relate to our own experience/ our feelings and what we might not be able to express vocally or we need to know that there is someone like us. Sometimes we read a post/ article and we get emotionally so involved as if whatever is written there is directed towards us only. The happiness and sorrow in the written words touch us to the extend we cry or laugh.

We might be in distress or just came out of a devastated situation/relation or happily in love and so we get too attached to similar kind of stories or articles written by others.

We might be reading something out of a great passion of the specific issue/ subject/ matter, and so we don't notice any other books/articles/posts/stories

We might be reading on issues specific to the stage we are passing through. So for example if "A" is getting married soon she'll be reading anything to do with wedding preparations/ taking care of her skin or hair/ how to establish a successful life with your partner etc. If she is expecting a baby all her focus will be on pregnancy related issues. If a person is thinking of visiting a specific country he/she will be looking on information/books related to this issue. If a person was told at a hospital that he/she has some kind of problem, than he/she will be diving into information related to that condition.

If a person though is taking reading as one of his favourite hobbies, than reading will be part of his daily life when it is possible and reading might extend into different issues and topics.

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