Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Some Respect IS appreciated

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم..

I have to take this out of my chest, it is annoying me.
I am talking about women, ladies who I see on daily basis when I go out here and almost all Middle Eastern Countries (well except Saudi Arabia) who have forgotten that they are in a still-conservative culture and Islamic country BUT still wear almost nothing to cover their bodies!!!!..

I am not talking about the normal thing that almost all women in the world wear, I am talking about seeing women dressed in shorts that barley cover their *** and transparent clothes that you know exactly how their underwear look like and you can tell the pattern on it!!..

I know that each person has the freedom to wear what they like , but respect is needed in any society. National women here don't alway cover from head to toe, actually most of them I noticed don't, but at least they put on clothing that you won't feel embarrassed looking at them.

I remember I saw signs in Dubai with a woman who had a cloth knee length, and in Oman I read once a book for tourists which encouraged them to wear something that won't go above their knees, but who is bothering to do so!!...

However, visit a mall or a market, and you'd see things that you wouldn't like your kids to look at, and when I take my boy to the school or pick him up and being an international school, I see different body shapes which leaves nothing for imagination.

We demand some respect of our religion, culture and tradition. Moreover, this might be considered cool in some cultures and lovely, but you don't know how bad a person wearing almost nothing can be seen in our culture. People won't wait to get to know the woman's personality and judge her on that!!!


Little Auntie said...

Well said!!! Ma'shaAllah.

MoOn said...

Thanks sis Amina.And thank you for passing by..:)

Anonymous said...

very nicely said..

MoOn said...

Thank you rialive :)