Wednesday, 20 October 2010

When I am thirty..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم..

I am already thirty, I was thirty few days ago..a nice number but strange for me as I say goodbye to twenties..and hello to the decade of maturity and beauty..:)

That's why I thought, ONE post to write about myself. I still can remember when I was 21, 24, 25...I still feel young, and lucky I am as so many people say; I look young alhamdulilah..:), which of course as all women makes me feel good..:)


I am Omani, from the beautiful Sultanate of Oman. I was born there, lived all my life there till the moment I received a scholarship to study abroad, and so just before I was eighteen, I went to Lovely Scotland. I spent 6 years there, Long time.I fall in Love with Scotland.

I've been married for a little more than 5 years alhamdulilah. I adore my hubby, and adore my kids, a boy and a girl. May Allah bless my family and all your families.

I am a qualified speech and language therapist, employed in Oman. I am passionate about my job, as I am with everything I love.I specifically enjoy (and good at) working with children.

I am an MBA (Masters in business administration) student at the moment , it has widened my thoughts and world alhamdulilah.

I am currently on a supposed long holiday but it is soon to finish. So I am in Bahrain with my family. I like the quiet life I have here.

I love reading. I am a real bookworm , have always been from a very young age.

I write a lot in Arabic, I write on everything and can write short stories alhamdulilah (in Arabic which is my first language and am passionate about this great language)

I am passionate about handcrafts, has always been but haven't done much to improve a once talent.

I am passionate about baking, specially since I had my first child.

I love my family so much, I miss living close by them. I think if you can you should better be close to your all loved once, we only live this life once.

I have many goals to achieve, I want to be my own boss and don't want to continue working for a sector. If I was able to achieve a goal I have, I'll tell you about it inshallah.

I speak besides Arabic and English, Swahili :)

I love travelling so much.

I can analyse to some extend personalities of people I meet.

I am thin, I have been thin since the age of four when I started to lose my childhood fat

I am a reflector, I can stay at night thinking of so many things, I can sit alone and just think

I am ambitious, but cautious

No one knows the real me till they talk to me, people judge me when they first see me in a way that is so different from the real me.

I love contemporary decoration/furniture

I am simple in my costumes

I love bukhour (Arabic incence?), henna (hand and feet painting), body creams and lotions and kohl (eye liners?).

I love sharing information with others.

I love exercising

I make lots of grammatical mistakes when I write a post in English, but I can cope better when I write an assignment, is it about the technical language I was initially introduced to when learning English!!

I can't think of anything else....except that I am thirty...:)..


Elisa said...

Lovely post sister :)
It's nice to get to know you better! May Allah bless you and your family always. Ameen.

MoOn said...

Thanks sister <3
And may Allah bless you and make you happy always :)

UmmKhaled said...

Ohh nice little post MashaAllah! Your writing in english is nice! Nice to know more about you :D

MoOn said...

Umm Khaled,
Thanks for your sweet comment & for passing by <3 :)

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Salaam Alaikum

Love the post =) I too will be entering my 30´s (October 28th) so I can relate to a lot of the stuff in your post. I also love reading, traveling and writing. Studying in Scotland must have been amazing. I have always wanted to go and live there. I find it so beautiful! Your accomplishments are admirable and I wish you all the success and happiness!

mangocheeks said...

Lovely post. I have learned a lot more about you today. Thank you for sharing.

Happy Belated Birthday wishes too. I think 30 is a nice age. ~Enjoy each day as it comes.

~Rushes~ said...

Good to know so much about you :) You speak swahili?? I wish I could speak and write in Arabic. Urdu is similar to Arabic but not the same. Its a very sad feeling when I recite the Quran and I have to look up the meaning of what I read.

MoOn said...

Rene..I was 30 on 16th of this month :)..Yeah it seems we've lots in common, Scotland is amazing, so beautiful, I spent one year in an area close to Glasgow and the rest in Edinburgh. It is also a friendly place for foreigners :).
Thanks a lot for all your wishes :) <3, and wish you the same inshallah

MoOn said...

Mangocheeks..Thank you for the sweet wishes..I will try to enjoy it :)..I appreciate your lovely comment <3

MoOn said...

Rushes, Yeah I speak it. The east coast of what is currently known as Tanzania and Zanzibar were under Oman rule. So lots of Omanis lived there and still do, my parents were raised there and so they spoke the language. It is very easy to learn, but my writing is quite funny lol..
Yes I've noticed that you have similar phonemes to Arabic with some distinguished ones so you can easily read Arabic mashallah..Wish you all the best sis and thanks for your lovely comment :)

~Rushes~ said...

I lived for a year in a town called cumbernauld..about 30 minutes from Glasgow. It was the most beautiful place. I was only 14 then, but I wish I could go back now and explore Scotland and her beauty!

Balqis said...

Hmmm gonna be 42 in a couple of days inshallah
That makes me feel ooold
Happy birthday
May Allah bless you and your family

MoOn said...

Rushes,,inshallah you'll be able to go day soon :)

MoOn said...

Balqis..I don't know why I had the feeling you are close to my age when I read your blog :)..
thanks for your lovely wishes <3
And youth is in our hearts I believe :)

UmmKhaled said...

I was wondering that did ya learn swahili? So interesting! I love hearing people's stories and everybody has a story! :)

MoOn said...

I learnt if from my parents who lived their early childhood in a small village in Tanga (a city in the east coast of Tanzania)..:)..I am about 90% fluent with very bad writing skills in it :)..
Thanks for your lovely comment <3

Umm Qahtan said...

As salam alaikum ukhti Moon.

MashaAllah, the first post i read of your blog is an insightful post about you..this is a pleasure to read.

Mabrook wa mashaAllah on your children and happy life. May ALlah bless you always ameen.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Have fun in bahrain, tell my parents i say hi ( they live in bhr.)

Hiyyach Allah.

MoOn said...

Um Qahtan (your boy's name is lovely)..
thank you for your sweet comment :)..May Allah bless you and your loved ones..

Nice to know your parents live in Bahrain, I feel it is a friendly country where anyone can live in and enjoy..:)

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

Mash'Allah you're blessed with many beautiful things Alhamdulillah, so I suppose age shouldn't make any diffrence to you as you're surrounded by your loved ones.

I'll be 20 soon which leads me to think that I'm leaving my teen years, I don't know what it will feel like, but now you gave me an idea on what its like to leave a decade.

May Allah continue to shower his blessings upon you and your family, O'qbaal 100 sanah! :)

MoOn said...

Zainab, alhamudulilah..May Allah bless you and your family..
twenties were sweeter for me than the teen are considered a grown up and not lost in between like on your teen..
you are energetic, loads of exciting changes happen on your twenties I guess...It was a beautiful decade I must enjoy it to the fullest..and 3oqbalek el 100 sana inshallah <3 ;)

Little Auntie said...

awwww, this was very interesting! I loved reading more about you. You speak Swahili? That is so awesome! You're also probably the only speech therapist I know, Ma'shaAllah. And I always wondered when you went to Scotland (I remember the guy who asked you if you knew where a bar was or something, hehe). Ma'shaAllah, this was nice to read.


MoOn said...

Thank you little Auntie <3 :)

aynzan said...

Glad I stopped by your blog today..It's lovely getting to know more about you..You seem to be beautiful in and out.May Allah Shower upon you his choicest blessings .I'm also passionate about some of your reading, writing, cooking/baking and love and admiration for the family.Good luck in your future endeavours..

MoOn said...

Aynzan (looking at your logo of the lady from flintstones (?) makes me smile remembering childhood memories :D)
Thank you for your lovely comment, I really enjoy your blog and I know I am being mean to say that I wish you wrote more often, but being a mom is being 24 hours working I know :)
I am sure you have so much Mashallah that we can Learn from you

aynzan said...

Thanks for the lovely compliments.. My profile picture was chosen by my kids..all of us are the Flintstones fans..My time is well spent with my four school going children and managing all the household chores..Its only during my spare time that I get to rave on my blog.. Wish I did it more often..Thanks again dear..

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