Monday, 6 September 2010

A new talent!!..I guess??

Asalaam Alaykum sisters and hello to all readers...:)

I come from a family of photographers I can say, my father's career is in photography and he loves photography. He has currently done some documentaries on the wild life in Oman, which I can proudly say were so successful nationally and internationally. My siblings and myself have been so lucky to have lovely portraits at our young age when not much good quality photos existed.

My brother has been into photography for nearly four years now, and has been progressing so well and winning some national and international awards on that. I can say that he is obsessed with it as well :D.

My Hubby is also into photography, although not so much now as he is quite busy with work.

Few months back and specifically on April, we had my brother's Malka (3aqd Qaran), which means wedding. He got married. In Oman and almost all Muslim countries, weddings are segregated, where men have their own celebration (Masjid-Mosque) and Women have their own, in a hall or a house etc.

So we had this simple women party, so another bigger one is on September inshallah. It was small and we only had few members of family there, around fifty people or less I guess.

So being the simple wedding, my brother insisted that I should be the amateur photographer that day, and we didn't need any professional photographer!. I was horrified. I love taking photos of my kids and that's it, never attempted doing anything different or more professional. That was a huge responsibility especially taking photos of the bride and groom!!

I thought that I'll mess it up. Thanks to Allah it turned out completely different. I used my brother high tech camera, and took quite good photos according to him. He was so impressed, the bride was happy with the photos, everyone who saw them thought they were taken by pro photographer and most importantly, I was impressed myself.

Now, for the BIG thing on September, I am booked (LOL), I am terrified, but excited as well. I hope photos will turn out even better. Who knows, I might do it as a part-time fun job LOL:D


mangocheeks said...

I've recently discovered photography too, so can only imagine how wonderful your photographs must be.

MoOn said...

thanks a lot for your comment and for passing by my blog ..
photography for sure can be a passion

MoOn said...

Just a correction, my dad is working in the field of movie cameras and not photographs, excuse my English :)

Saba said...

That's so cool. My father was in the photography business when I was younger and I can appreciate good photographs. My problem is that I never learned and I should have. I love taking pictures, but I don't know the first thing about good cameras or any of the features.

Good luck on your next shoot!

MoOn said...

Saba, am not good at knowing anything about cameras either, I guess loving photography comes naturally..

oldie goldie said...

mashaAllah sis, that sounds great! i wish i had a really good camera, i'd like to try to take professional photos too. i have quite a good pocket camera with macro, and so far that's all i have needed.. lol i think i wouldn't know how to use anything more complicated :D

MoOn said...

Oldie Goldie, you've been taking some great photos that I've seen in your blog mashallah :)..
The wedding is tomorrow inshallah..emm I feel stressed already LOOL

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