Friday, 30 July 2010

I want!!

Asalaam Alykum Muslimat and Hello my friends..

I just feel the need to write something, anything.
I miss certain things at this moment. I miss being in a place where I can feel cool, not warm in one second and cold next--> and switching the AC on & off.I need real fresh air, I miss looking at something green. The dust outside make me feel down and makes my sinus worse..

I want to have some peace of mind, my brain has been like a PC which got crashed. I can't last on one thought for more than 5 minutes, and can't make it think of things that can cheer me up at this moment. But I am an optimistic person, so brain stop it please.

I get sickness similar to that you get when you are pregnant sometimes in the day.. No I am not pregnant if this is what you thinking!:)

I want to take my children to a place which is outdoor, fun and cool, but I've to wait till November/December to be able to do this.

I want to spend sometime in a cafe, having a hot chocolate and studying.. Just alone. and to forget about the surrounding.

I want to be considered like a little child now, and so be able to say what I think about everyone without being considered rude or judgmental...


Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Sitting in a cafe with hot chocolate, alone and studying or reading is my kind of thing. I also miss doing that. I used to go to my local bookstore and get this amazing triple hot chocolate and sit down with a good book and just enjoy alone time. Here in Spain their concept of hot chocolate is chocolate sauce. Its so thick, you cant really drink it, instead you just dip things in it.

MoOn SmiLe said...

And I thought that all European countries have similar cafe's traditions, which is so ignorant of me :).

Simple things matter a lot, and now inshallah when you have your baby, this will be one of the beautiful memories :):)..Like most of the time in my case LOL

Little Auntie said...

awww,i'm sorry to hear about your sinus! I also have allergies and stuff, so I know what you mean!

Is there a beach near you? I'm sure your kids will enjoy that and you'll get some fresh air..but you'll have to go like wayyyyy early in the morning (to beat the hot weather) or around maghrib time? Do you think that would work?

I'd invite you to a cafe if I was near you...though I haven't been one here ;) but still :D

oldie goldie said...

the weather here is not that hot, so alhamdulilah we can be out daily. it's been hotter than usually though, so this summer we got a touch of it how it is in a hot country..

what comes to the cafe-thing.. what i di is i sit out half an hour every morning, just me and my coffee cup.. that's a good start for the day and gives me a moment alone alhamdulilah.

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sweet Little Auntie,
Thanks for your sincere concerns.
I too have skin allergies and rushes, em, comes and goes..

We do go to the beach every other day, oh dear but where I am is so humid, so the humidity is there all day and is really annoying , elhamdelah A'la kul haal

I'd love to go to a cafe with you :)..That will be fun, if only possible :D..

thanks dear <3

MoOn SmiLe said...

Oldie Goldie,
Thanks for your sweet advice, it is lovely time spent alone..:)

When we spend half an hour outside at our house yard, we come in with cheeks so red kids look cute as if I did put blusher on their cheeks :)

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