Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time spent with children

Asalaam Alaykum Muslim readers and hello to all my friends..:)

I've been feeling really bad lately. Well, I am a part-time student doing my masters at home. I am attending 4 days lecture (of each module) every six weeks and then I get to do an assignment and/or exam. This time we had this tough module and we are expected to sit an exam on the beginning of August and to hand in an assignment on the same day.

I'm on a long leave. So at the moment am a stay-at-home mom if you call it this way. I have done my assignment but it needs checking before submitting it. It is a difficult subject and it is taking all my time, specially studying for the exam.

Now I feel really guilty. I am not spending much time with my kids, they are at home with me, physically I am with them, but mentally and time-wise I am not doing much with them.

So I do small things that I think matter and can be useful for a mother who is in a similar situation like myself.

*When I am busy studying/writing, and one of the kids interrupt me, I still give them my full attention and don't get annoyed, smile and listen to whatever they have to say.

*bath time should be a special time where you should stop thinking about what is bothering you and have fun taking care of your child

*hug them and kiss them all the time to show you care and you never forget them.

*meal time should be time to get closer, spend it together whenever you can

*Bedtime story, hugging, reading Quran.

*prayer time: include your kids, let them sit on the prayer mat and have a cosy chat

This is all I can remember for now...



Little Auntie said...

asalamu aialiakum sis!

It's amina (sarira)! I've missed you, hehe. Yes, I decided to take it a shot and started a new advice blog (it was just 'an experiment', but in the last two or three days, I've decided that inshaAllah it will stay :P). Anyways,first of all, good luck on the test! inshaAllah you do great on it and the assignment :D

You know what I really love about this post? Number one that you are honest enough to say that you are physically there but not mentally. Number, the tips you give, ma'shaAllah and the small things you do.:) I like how you smile and listen to them when they interrupt you! That is something I need to work on...

Oh, btw, mMy older sis is a master's student as well and she is also a mother. I know how stressful it can be!

MoOn SmiLe said...

woOow,just yesterday i was looking at my blog list and thought of you!↲I passed to your new blog by chance,and wanted to add you but I couldnt because I was using internet through my phone.↲I sure missed you too a lot. Really happy you are back wise young lady <3 :)

Jennifer Burden said...

I get that feeling, too, sometimes! I feel like I'm not doing enough with my kids. I think every mom needs a break sometimes. If your kids are fed, clean and are safe today, then you've done well and tomorrow is another day. That's what I tell myself when I have those days!

(Thank you for commenting on World Moms Blog today -- that's how I found you!)

Jen :)

MoOn said...

Thank you very much for commenting and adding me to your list. I have been following the word moms blog for a while now, I love it :)

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