Saturday, 31 July 2010

Do you know where the Pub is?

Asalaam Alaykum Muslimat and hello to all my friends..

Few years back, I was a student in Scotland. I was walking down one of the famous shopping streets, it was early, maybe an afternoon can't remember exactly.

With my hijab on, carrying a bag, holding some books, two middle aged men approached me, they had an English accent, so I was sure they weren't Scottish. They looked lost, and they came to me, I think without looking carefully at this girl. One asked me: " do you know where is the **** pub" (I can't remember what was the name of the pub he mentioned:D).

I was lost, because of course I didn't know where was that,, but was keen to help these people :D.

But within few seconds, they realised that this girl will never know where is the pub!, and the men said in embarrassment "oh you wouldn't know, sorry" and left..

I laughed, and never forgot that funny incident :D

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