Thursday, 5 August 2010

It all started with a hair cut

Asalaam Alykum Muslimat and Hello to all readers..

I was 13 years old, I've always had long hair till that age. My mother always refused to let me have a hair cut. I wanted it badly (don't know why LOL).

I went to her one day and told her in a confident tone; if I worked hard at school and achieved a high mark that will make me the "third best" girl in my class, will you allow me to have a hair cut?. She said yes..

I've been a good student, just with the average performance, not special or anything. I always did my homework, and was a quiet girl in the class.

I didn't expect a lot from myself, maybe because I haven't discovered my potentials till then. To be the third in the class was something I hoped to be just to have my hair cut.I wasn't sure I was able to achieve it, but still, I worked hard, and gave my studies my full time.

It was the end of the semester, our class teacher announcing the grades, and she is calling my name, oh you have achieved the highest scores in all subjects in the class.. I was the class "number one" girl!!!

Was I, The quiet shy girl that needed lots of encouragement to talk and showed little confidence between her peers and in front of her teachers. My class teacher who was a sweet lady and treated all girls with passion was happy for me. I didn't believe it.I was too excited and happy.All attention was on me for the next few minutes,.my parents were so so happy. Everyone in the family was told about my grades, I felt like a princess that people are discussing my achievement.

The feeling was beautiful, I never experienced it before that day, but accompanied me throughout my life.

I lost interest in having a hair cut. But I gained confidence that made me want to achieve my best, and continue on that path since then.


Saba said...

I love your post! It reminds me of myself. I was, also, incredibly shy. Although I was usually top of the class, I was still too shy to be number 1. I wish I had the confidence back then to push myself more, Alhamdulillah. Now, I know exactly what I need to do to make sure my children aren't like that, Insha'Allah.

MoOn SmiLe said...

I know what you mean, you know now what would have made you a better person and would implement it on your kids inshallah..I think the same way..:)

Thanks a lot for passing by and adding me <3

oldie goldie said...

mashaAllah sis! it's great how you could motivate yourself to do that! we all need those moments to get self confidence. even people who look like they have plenty of it..

MoOn SmiLe said...

Oldie Goldie..
You are right sis, we need these moments because they can be the turning moments in our life..:).
thanks for passing by...:)

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