Monday, 16 August 2010

As time in Ramadhan flies

Asalaam Alaykum muslimat and Hello all readers...

It is the blessed month of ramadhan. I have been so busy, and have missed my blog. Sometimes I feel I need to right something, but my mind goes blank.

I've had two of my sisters in law in my house, actually they are still here. They've been a great help, and we kept each other busy as well :).

I wake up early to finish all the house work I have, by noon I am exhausted already LOL, and I start cooking for the futoor (dinner) around 3-4 afternoon, then when it is almaghreb (which is around 6:15 pm in Bahrain) we break our fast, then pray then have dinner. After that, I change my kids cloths, Try to put them to bed,,and get sometime for myself. However, by that time I am totally exhausted and just want my bed LOL..

I've an exam and an assignment to submit straight after Eid inshallah which is around the mid of September, and haven't got the chance to do anything!!!..:O

There are some great Islamic programmes shown on TV, but I haven't watched any. I am also supposed to start memorizing the quran using a table that will help me do so in five years, but haven't started yet!!..the hours just fly and you feel you haven't done much..

I read on bed, but I can only read about two pages , at least I read something though :S...I will stick to reading quran and supplicate all day and say my adhkar.

Till I have something meaningful and fruitful to talk about..enjoy your days readers and wish you a blessed time always :)


Om Lujain© said...

Salam dear... best of luck to you on the memorization of the Quran, can you share the table you want to use as well? I really want to start memorization and have always been a sucker for 'lists/tables/schedules'

Thank you dear :)

MoOn SmiLe said...

Om Lujain..
Inshallah I will dear. I will write about it in a separate post soon inshallah..:)
thanks <3

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