Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Whatever they say about our Arab men, I am telling you it isn’t the truth….and this is from my point of view…an Arab Lady…!!.
They say that our men are oppressing us,,

They say that they are arrogant, womanisers, cruel, aggressive, and impolite
Our men are the most wonderful men…they treat us fairly..

An Arab man is my father who is protecting me, providing me with everything I need..Educate me and actually providing me with the best education he can afford....Listens to me blathering all the time..Treats me like a little princess…spoiling me..Actually he is being sweeter to me sometimes because I am a girl...his little girl..

An Arab man is my husband who loves me dearly.. Protects me from any harassments.. He doesn’t let me do any hard works..Giving me the chance to study if I want me the choice to work if I want to..Supports me financially even if I am working..Brings me dinner if I am ill..Takes the kids out if I am not feeling well..Tells me jokes all the time…An Arab man says the most beautiful romantic words..he memorizes beautiful poems to tell me...

actually Arab men tolerate us when we insists on spending hours shopping..or spending extra few minutes to one hour in front of the mirror "getting ready" before going out for a dinner..Actually We might be oppressing them in some situations LOL…

An Arab man is my brother who we laugh together all the time..And actually have our fights together sometimes LOL..He that never showed me that he is superior to me in any way…he actually protects me in everyway..

An Arab man is my son…he is so kind to me..adores me..takes care of me when I am old..kisses my forehead as a sign of respect..he never leaves me alone…

If any Arab men have shown any opposite behaviour from what I say, don’t blame him. It is us women who raise our kids to be that way or another…


Sarira said...

Ma'shaAllah!! This was beautiful and very intersting ending- I always say that I feel that some Egyptian mothers teach their sons that women 'have to do everything at home'. It's not entirely the boy's fault if he treats his wife like that- he was raised like that!

But subhanAllah, I also once wrote about this topic. I am so sick of people saying bad things about Arab men. My father is GREAt, Ma'shaAllah. He will help my mother cook, he will wash the dishes, clean, drive us to the doctors, take us shopping, etc. Ma'shaAllah. He is RELIGIOuS, and it shows in the way he treats us!

I may write a post about this, moonsmile! You may have just inspired me :) (but I won't write it till later....:P)

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sarira, I always love your comments..
It is the same in Oman..I believe that us women make the difference.. because kids spend most of their early "crucial" life with the mother. She influences them so much..
When I c men being aggressive or misbehave, I think of the way he's been raised,besides u'd find that the men's sisters act on the same way..

Mashallah may Allah bless your father (& your both parents)..My father has been so fair with us and I can say no single negative thing about him alhamdulilah..

You've mentioned a point about being religious..which stereotypes will show that religious Arab men are worse than any men, when it is the opposite in reality when they're sincerely religious..
I am waiting for your post on this..hope we won't wait for long :p

Choclette said...

Moonsmile, these are very good points that you make. I'm a great believer in parents bringing up their children to be respectful to all - male and female.

MoOn SmiLe said...

Thanks for passing by & for your lovely comment.
I totally agree with you.It is easy to influence children in their behaviour, while it is hard learning a new behaviour while you are already mature and grown up..
Oh I was in your blog and it is lovely & "delicious" :)

Choclette said...

Thank you Moon Smile and thanks for following my blog.

oldie goldie said...

mashaAllah you're lucky sis! i wish all the arab men were like that. some are the opposite even with the best mother.. or maybe us, non arab women, don't know how to bring the best out of them. i've seen it a lot and not only stories, but real life..

MoOn SmiLe said...

oh oldie goldie,i've just seen your post so sorry and ashamed to hear about what you know and have experienced with arab men. Well they're like all men,you can be very unlucky to deal with the evil side of them. I assure you that most of them are good and lovely people,at least from my experience.may Allah bless you

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