Saturday, 26 June 2010


Asalaam Alaykum Muslimat and Hello to all my friends..:)

I didn't think of anything new recently to write about here,but I miss my blog so I've to write something..
So I'd ask you for an advice :D.

I bought a white jeans from Alcott, here in Bahrain, they had a 70% sale and I was happy and lucky to find something my size and looked pretty on me lol.It looks similar to these:

I am thinking of getting myself a long blouse with long sleeves, should be loose because my I like looking modest and elegant at the same time LOL..I never wear tight clothes going out, unless Under my abayas SOMEtimes..

It is difficult to find this kind of tops, I mean what I am looking for.I would like something with this colour

..or blue..a light colour..:)I am thin and tall but I still find it difficult to find tops that I as a muslim can wear..even in the Middle East..

Will update you if I found something I like :)


oldie goldie said...

inshaAllah you'll find what you're looking for! imagine how hard it is to find stuff here in finland.. :)

Apparel said...

Really glad to get into this posting.
It’s what I am looking for.
Love to read your blog, interesting post.
Thanks in advance for sharing with us.


Boys Clothing

MoOn SmiLe said...

Oldie Goldie
It must be very hard for you, well harder than anywhere else I guess.I remember I found it still hard to find clothes that I can wear in Scotland and waited to get back to Oman to get myself something, and I'd buy the materials and take them to a tailor to stitch me something I want..
thanks for passing by sister.I loved your blog.:)

MoOn SmiLe said...

thanks for passing by.Hope you enjoy your reading here:)

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