Saturday, 5 June 2010

Cyclone Phet - Aftermath

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Cyclone Phet weakend from category 4 to 3 then further weakened into a tropical storm of category 1 when it hit the sharqiya (east) coast of Oman..
It was less powerful than the cyclone Gonu that hit Oman on 6/6/2007 but it still caused 24 deaths (one of them is a civil defence personnel who was killed while trying to rescue a family in Muscat) and devastating conditions specially in areas such as Sur, Masirah, Al ashkhara and Qurayat where people were evacuated and fleed their flooded houses..We were not much affected al hamdulilah in Muscat and the other regions but the rain poured all over the sultanate of Oman..


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Just to mention that Oman had a financial loss of over 25 billion dollars when cyclone gonu hit its coast on 2007...


Sarira said...

Inna lilahee wa inna ilayhaee ra'joun. I haven't been reading the news lately and I didn't know that 24 people passed away. May Allah grant their families patience and yaqeen to get through this. May He forgive their sins and grant them jannatul firduas.

Alhamdillah your area was not affected much.

MoOn SmiLe said...

Sarira...thanks for your ever sweet comments..:)..Love all what you write mashallah..
and ameen inshallah

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

MoOn SmiLe said...

You are welcome anonymous..and all the best on your assignment..

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