Friday, 4 June 2010

Cyclone Phet

"This summer is too hot, and it is still the beginning of June..Oh it reminds me of the way the weather was before cyclone Gonu..Inshallah nothing similar will occur.."
This was the conversation between myself and mom few days ago, the temperature was at 4 am around 37 degrees, and it was unbearable at noon till night..
The next day the weather changed dramatically, it was beautiful (this was Wednesday 2nd June).Later on at the afternoon it was announced that Oman coast is going to be hit by a Cyclone PHET!..Ya Allah..

People are so terrified, they had the previous experience of Gonu. The cyclone is changing its pathway, it is unpredictable, Allah (God) only knows its destination that it has given to it.

what does the wikipedia say about the cyclone?

Cyclone Phet is the second-strongest tropical cyclone on record to develop within the Arabian Sea; only Cyclone Gonu in 2007 was more intense. It initially moved to the northwest direction near Oman but is forecasted to turn more to the North before reaching the Arabian Peninsula and later to a northeastern track onto Pakistan and the Indian state of Gujarat. "Phet" is a Thai word, it means Diamond.

We were supposed to leave to Bahrain as planned before. But the visibility as reported by the air traffic control is not clear so air crafts are not making their way to Muscat International Airport (Oman).

The cyclone has been threatening the northwest coast, has already passed by some regions causing severe flooding, people were evacuated from Masira Island and the coastal region beside it.

Sur and Qurayat is flooded and people ran away from their houses.

Inshallah it is going to weaken more, and it will stop raining heavely, May Allah protect all the people here and everywhere in the world, amin

I don't know If I am going to be able to access the net later on, because we are expecting electricity breakdown.
Pray for us, and pray that we survive it

P.S. People of Palestine, we always remember you and pray for you. We get terrified once by nature means, while you have been suffering for as long as our grandparents can remember by terrorism and occupation. We know our suffering is short and is going to end, but your suffering is timeless,cruel, unbearable. May Allah reward you for your patience and grant you the freedom you deserve.

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